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About the Blog

If you have a passion for (1) building wealth, (2) breathing ideas into existence, and (3) dissecting life’s gray areas, then look no further.

The Sharpe Millennial is a place where individuals come to improve their investment knowledge, develop financial strategies that work and witness first-hand, real-time challenges of walking the talk toward financial independence and a life of meaningful work.

Want to read the post that started it all? Click here to read – “The New Rich”. I was asked to first write a blog post about a topic of interest for an English GenEd during my sophomore summer of my undergraduate degree and since then, the idea has only consumed me further.

So why listen to a twenty-two year old’s perspective on investing, personal finance, and the path toward financial independence? Well… the truth is no one is making you, but here is a little bit more about what makes my perspective unique in comparison to what great content already exists out there.

My name is Grant, but most people who know me call me G. I’m a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati (Fall of 2018) receiving my degree in Analytical Finance, which is a fancy term for people who like looking at equities and portfolios more than your typical financier.

As a parting project to the University, I delved into efficient market theory and diseconomies of scale of professional investors under the review of the Department Head of Finance. Essentially, I wanted to find out if professional money managers had more money than they knew what to do with, which in turn, resulted in worse performance than passive indexes over time. I’ll spare you the dissertation, the answer is no… turns out it’s just really hard to predict the future. Perhaps they should look into purchasing a better crystal ball?

I graduated at the top of my class and joined the family medical device business, while starting a side business of my own. Since then it’s been just as the adage goes, “like drinking water from a firehose”. Life has always been an exciting bundle to me with money at the center of my curiosity. Finance has been a labor of love for the short four years I have gotten acquainted with the art and the temperance it demands.

As a final note, I would like to acknowledge that the chances of you reading something of mine that is unparalleled in value to all available information out there (ex. JL Collins, Mr. Money Mustache, Warren Buffet’s shareholder letters, Burton G. Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street, etc.) is highly unlikely. If anything consider my posts a shortcut to the facts with some humorous stories to stimulate the hippocampus.

I am not here to claim exceptional ideas as being my own simply because this place may be your first encounter to them. Instead, I wish to recognize the ideas that I have seen to be true firsthand or what I believe based on data, logic, and what bit of intuition I may currently carry.

The ideology may not be my own, but it is under my sarcastically critical procurement that I attempt to provide a concise path to familiarize yourself with successful strategies.

Last, I leave you with the only quote I site regularly:

“You have to go against the tide to catch the wave.” – Kelsey Hildal